I’m Moved There!

Hey, finally I’ve moved my blog from wordpress.com free service to self-hosted wordpress.org blog. This is being hosted at Webfaction. I’m pretty much happy with the Webfaction service, we can host multiple websites and we can map multiple domains. Webfaction has one-click access to it’s services, it has smart and easy use user-interface and it’s pretty fast. Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Email addresses, Unlimited databases, Shell access, Backups and more. Old-style web hosting is dead!

I bought abhiomkar.in domain about 2 years back at Godaddy. And mapped it to Webfaction servers.

My new sub-domain for my blog: http://blog.abhiomkar.in

I will keep my new blog as active as possible. Please subscribe to my blog if you haven’t via Feedburner

See you there,
Abhinay Omkar

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