Telugu Rendering in Ubuntu Linux

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To get correct rendering of telugu in Ubuntu GNU/Linux enter these commands in your favorite Terminal :

(Read Telugu)

For Ubuntu Latest Versions (>= 9.10 Karmic Koala):

  • sudo apt-get install ttf-telugu-fonts language-pack-te
  • Restart any application which is opened to take the effect (Such as Firefox)
  • You are done! Enjoy the telugu font – Test page :

** Ubuntu developers included Lohit font in ttf-telugu-fonts package in the latest versions

Check out these Telugu Pages to see if you got it right – or

If you want to type in telugu enter following commands too (SCIM way):

(Input Telugu)

In Ubuntu Latest Version (>= 6.10 Edgy):

  • sudo apt-get install scim-m17n
  • wget '' -O te-rts.mim
  • sudo mv te-rts.mim /usr/share/m17n/

* I prefer RTS input style for telugu because it is easy.

** If you have very old version of Ubuntu (Dapper, Edgy, Fawn, Gutsy or Hardy) Follow this – [Link]

To run SCIM (i.e., Telugu Input) whenever you login into GNOME, do this – Open gnome-session-properties ( System > Preferences > Sessions ), Click Add button in Startup Programs tab, fill the Name and Command as scim, Restart the Gnome session or just run scim command from terminal.

After restart, now you can type telugu everywhere (at GTK, Qt ). Just right click where you want to type telugu select input method as SCIM, and press ctrl+space to switch from telugu to english or english to telugu.

You have to select the telugu language from the scim toolbox.

Enjoy :)

పండగ చేసుకో ఇక…

నా గ్నొమ్ డెస్క్ టాప్ తెలుగు లో...

My GNOME desktop in Telugu

"Showing Firefox 3.5.5 in Ubuntu 9.10 for Telugu Rendering with Lohit Font"Showing Firefox 3.5.5 ( in Ubuntu 9.10 for Telugu Rendering with Lohit Font

Got very excited with the Telugu language (మాతృ భాష) in Linux ?

You can get complete Telugu Desktop in GNOME, Do this…

  • sudo apt-get install language-pack-gnome-te-base language-pack-gn
  • Open System > Administration > Language Support
  • Check Telugu Support, Click Apply.
  • Then Restart Ubuntu. You are done. మొత్తం తెలుగు వస్తది ర బై. :)

In Ubuntu Dapper & Ubuntu Edgy :

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59 Responses to Telugu Rendering in Ubuntu Linux

  1. సందీప్ says:

    చాలా బావుంది

  2. Pretty awesome. I tried using the Pothana2000.ttf to get the Telugu Fonts but was not able to. I’ll try this. Nice job for the tutorial. :)

  3. Also, for the telugu transliterator of “Firefox” should be, phi ya re phaax .. you put phire fox.. its a bit different ;)

  4. శుభం. The procedure for Edgy is even simpler (one does not need to install my packages because Edgy already comes with the required versions).

    I wrote instructions for Edgy, as well as how to enlarge Pothana2000 font on my blog:


  5. jagan says:

    good and nice work.

  6. Prudhvi says:

    Cheers Eletoo!

  7. suren says:

    I have followed the steps to install telugu fonts in my laptop.
    i am having ubuntu edgy and firefox and after i followed the steps and restarted the laptop and when i open telugu website (eenadu) my browser is getting closed automatically.

    is there something i am missing in my installation or do i need to do something for this problem?

    but when i open, its showing perfectly.

    please suggest me.


  8. abhinay says:

    @ suran
    Open firefox from the terminal and check for any error messages. Is that problem is only when you open eenadu page or all telugu pages ?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi ahinay
    The problem is only when i try to open eenadu website.I am not a linux guy but i am starting to be.

    when i open firefox from terminal the browser is getting opened but no messages displayed in the terminal


  10. Suren says:

    Hi ahinay
    The problem is only when i try to open eenadu website.I am not a linux guy but i am starting to be.

    when i open firefox from terminal the browser is getting opened but no messages displayed in the terminal


  11. abhinay says:

    @ Suren
    download eenadu font from here : . Rename it as eenadu.ttf then move it to /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-telugu-fonts/ then enter ‘sudo fc-cache’ command , Try to open eenadu website after restarting the firefox. Then you ‘ll get correct telugu rendering in

  12. Suren says:

    Hi Abhinay
    I downloaded eenadu fonts from the eenadu website and copied into the ttf-telugu-fonts folder and it works.
    i could read the eenadu news online now, but i have a small problem here. The fonts are displayed with small hyphen symbols.
    its like this -thaa-jaa -vaarhta-lu.
    why is it so?

  13. Vasu says:

    In version 6.04 i was able to see the Telugu font Web pages properly after following your instructions.
    I recently upgraded my Ubuntu Os from 6.10 to 7.04.
    After upgrading to 7.04, again, i was not able to see the Telugu font properly.
    Is there any issues with 7.04 to see Telugu font web pages ?


  14. abhinay says:

    @ Vasu

    Hi Vasu,
    There is no issue with 7.04 rendering Telugu. You can read Telugu web pages as in previous versions of Ubuntu.
    You do not need to do all the above in the new version of ubuntu. Just do this,

    sudo sed -i s/lang=:/lang=te:/g /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-telugu-fonts/fonts.cache-1

    And make sure you have language-pack-te, language-support-te packages installed, if not apt-get them. And Let me know if it works.


  15. Vasu says:

    Hi Abhinay,
    I do not have fonts.cache file in ttf-telugu-fonts directory.

    Did i missed something in upgrade ? Do you know how to get it ?

    sudo sed -i s/lang=:/lang=te:/g /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-telugu-fonts/fonts.cache-1

    sed: can’t read /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-telugu-fonts/fonts.cache-1: No such file or directory


  16. Abhinay says:

    @ Vasu

    You can download fonts.cache-1 file from here, Just fallow these steps.

    sudo su -
    cd /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-telugu-fonts


  17. Vasu says:

    Hi Abhinay,

    After following those commands, the telugu font is dispalying as follwoing…

    అన్నమయ్య సంకీర్తనలు – అన్నమాచార్య సంకీర్తనలు – కీర్తనలు

    Do you know how to fix it ?


  18. kishan says:

    hi there,
    Nice tutorial but i am new to feisty fawn and i am not able to render telugu fonts i tried all the commands u have given here but its still unable to render ,,,i have the same output as vasu can u please help

  19. Abhinay says:

    Hi ALL,
    blog updated for feisty fawn, check it out

  20. Rama says:

    Awesome man :)

  21. నమస్కారము…
    nice tutorial; thanks.. i would like to put it on my blog too..
    btw… i am a linux newbie..
    could you tell me what exactly is happening in the tutorial?
    after i install the ubuntu font package.. what’s the need to install a new font??
    [what exactly is the ubuntu font package consisting of??]

  22. Abhinay says:

    @ పునీత్
    Actually, there is a bug with the pottana font , thats why i have used lohit font in Ubuntu Feisty.

  23. punchagan says:

    oh okay!
    then shudn’t pothana be replaced with lohit [or some other font.] in ubuntu package??

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  25. kamesh says:

    Thanks a lot for the tip. Very useful.


  26. ప్రభాకర్ says:

    Tried and was sucessful with the instructions. However, ఈనాడు (eenadu) rendering has the extra “-“, which makes it difficult to read. ఆంధ్రప్రభ (aandhraprabha) was much worse with English alphabets overlaying the telugu text.

    Then I remembered that Mozilla / Firefox has the “padma” add-on for conversion of proprietary fonts (indian langauges) to public formats (and viceversa). Installing this (from ) fixed all the issues.

    Thank you for the instructions.

  27. Kanna says:

    Hi this is a very good post. But what about the Ubuntu 7.10? How to make my Ubuntu 7.10 box to render telugu on its desktop and in the system ? How to type in telugu in my Ubuntu 7.10 box? Please help me

  28. Abhinay says:

    Hi Kanna,
    I didn’t install Ubuntu 7.10 on my box. I ‘ll let you know how to render or type telugu in Ubuntu Gutsy as soon as i install it.

  29. leo says:

    Thanks man! Am able to read telugu in firefox now.

  30. Dr V.Hyder Khan says:

    It is good but I wnated to download lunix

  31. బాబు says:

    ఆభినయ్! ముందుగా మీకు నా కృతజ్ఞతలు. మీ పుణ్యమా అని ఉబంటూ8.04 లో తెలుగు టైప్ చేయగల్గుతున్నాను.కాకపోతే చిన్న ప్రాబ్లెమ్! లినక్స్ అనే పదంలో క్స తర్వాత పొల్లు కనిపిస్తుంది- నేను టైప్ చేసినా, ఏదైనా తెలుగు సైట్ చూసినా సరే! దీన్ని సరిచేసె ఉపాయం తెలిఅయచేయగలరు.

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  33. laxmi asireddy says:

    its good

  34. laxmi asireddy says:

    its good and i want do something to swetcha becase iam letreture student but i dont know how to contact to swecha

  35. sri says:

    abhinay garu namaskaram.nenu orkut lo na profile ni telugulo rayalanukuntunnanu but orkutlo telugu ala rayalo naku teleedu meeru chepthara

  36. Anonymous says:

    @ sri

  37. Abhinay says:

    @ sri
    use & do copy-paste

  38. G.D.Prasad says:

    మీకు క్రుతజ్ఞుడను. “ఞ ” మరియు ఇతర అక్ష రములు వ్రాయుటకు లెఖిని.ఒఅర్జి చూచాను.
    నేను ఉబుంటు లినక్సు వాడుచున్నాను


  39. Abhinay says:

    @ G.D.Prasad
    Thank you!
    But, I didn’t understand the second sentence in your above comment.

  40. lokesh says:

    hi,i followed ur steps for ububtu hardy.i copied and executed ur first command it seemed to install fonts of many languages telugu,tamil,gujarathi,malayalam,and many others.when i try to run ur second command,then entered my password the error message says:cp: cannot stat `lohit_te.ttf’: No such file or directory
    and i’m not able to see telugu script on eenadu page.can someone help me..thanx in advance

  41. అభినయ్ గారూ, ధన్యవాదాలు..
    ఉబుంటులోకి మారి కొద్ది రోజులైంది.. తెలుగు రావట్లేదే అని తన్నుకుంటుండగా ఫైర్ఫాక్సు వారి సహకారం దొరికి, బ్రౌజర్లో మటుకు తెలుగు వచ్చింది. ఆపైన మీ బ్లాగు సాయంతో చక్కని తెలుగు దొరికినట్లైంది. మరో వెయ్యి ధన్యవాదాలు అందుకోండి.!!

  42. V.Ramasami says:

    Is it possible to remap keys in SCIM; if so, how?

    If not, in any other intelligent IM?

  43. asireddy laxmi ou says:

    chalaa bagundi

  44. asireddy laxmi says:

    its good

  45. krishna says:

    thanks a lot sir

  46. $udhakar says:

    గణన యంత్రం, చెత్తబుట్ట భలే నచ్చాయి.

  47. naligantisharath says:


  48. kamakshaiah says:

    I am very much happy with your work!
    but brother….

    Ubuntu is not as much metured as windows it seems. I had suffered & suffering regarding this initramfs problem, if u have any solution please give me, for which I may be very much thankful to you.

    this is happening only when I apply updates, sometime I had lost my family (valueble) fotos because of this.

    recently I encountered two more problems, sh>grub> prompt and booting issues. I think u appeared to be matured linux user. please give me information. I am new to linux.

  49. Abhinay says:

    @Narayana Thank you very much =)
    @Ramasami why do you want to remap SCIM anyway? There are many other alternatives if you want to remap keys.
    @asireddy @krishna @sharath Thx!
    @Priyatam It’s old dapper package, isn’t ?
    @Sudhakar he he.. Thx Sudhakar mama ;)

  50. Abhinay says:

    @kamakshaiah Thx bro! Ubuntu is already very user friendly & stylish comparing to it’s predecessor versions.

    Regarding your problem,
    I haven’t got any problem with my initramfs. I just checked few ubuntu forums post. Found this workaround which worked for most of the users – Go to BIOS and change the SATA mode from ‘IDE’ to ‘RAID’. Not sure if it works, you can post your detailed problem to Ubuntuforums anytime they can help you.

    Regarding grub recovery, follow this link –

    You can always use Live CD to recover your data in worst case. Boot into Live CD and Copy your important files from Ubuntu partition to your Windows partitions.

    Hope this helps!

    • I am very sorry for taking long time to ask you this question, you said I can recover data from Ubuntu partition and copy them to Windows. My problem is when boot from Live CD it doesn’t shows me being in my user prompt, and it shows me as it is a fresh installation, in which case, how can recover data.
      Please let me know in detail, for which I will be very much thankful.


  51. Hey Abhinay,

    I submitted a new revision of te-rts.mim that assigns new Unicode characters for @2, ~c, ~j, ~l, and ~L; allows _ to be typed normally; adds j&n to produce jn literally; and cleans up the source code.

    Please update the URL of te-rts.mim in this blog post accordingly:

    wget "" -O te-rts.mim

    Note that the above URL fetches the input method directly from’s source code repository. You don’t need to cache that file locally in your googlepages account because isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. :-)

    Thank you.

  52. Rajanikanth says:


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  54. Eswar says:

    చాలా బాగుంది. ధన్యవాదములు.

  55. డా:రాంమోహన్ says:

    Dear friend thanks for the guidence.మన ప్రాధమిక ఆరోగ్య కేంద్రాలలొ పనిచేసేసిబ్బందికి ఆషా కార్యకర్తలకు తెలుగు లో వెబ్ ఆధారిత సమాచారం తయారు చేసి ఇవ్వడానికి చక్కని మార్గం చూపించారు.అదీ లైనక్సు లొ . కృతజ్ఞతలు.

  56. Edmond English says:

    Excellent post, its amazing that its necessary really but it is. I think Iarfhlaith�s point about bigger buttons attracting more comments is very true.

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