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I’m Moved There!

Hey, finally I’ve moved my blog from free service to self-hosted blog. This is being hosted at Webfaction. I’m pretty much happy with the Webfaction service, we can host multiple websites and we can map multiple domains. Webfaction … Continue reading

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Javascript code challenge by Dropbox Team

I’ve found the below code challenge in the Dropbox’s Web Engineer Job post. Thanks to HN. It was not that difficult, here is my solution to the first code challenge (Javascript) with complete explanation. Question: Given the following javascript code: … Continue reading

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Advice from an Old Programmer

I was inspired by the write up in the book called  ‘Learn Python The Hard Way’, I didn’t read the whole book but, this page caught up my attention. It’s inspiring for programmers, so thought I would share with you … Continue reading

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Downloading Youtube Videos using Python (One-liner)

If you just want to get or look into the code, here it is – gist: 398604 – GitHub Explanation: I’ll walk through the code to explain how it works. We need urllib and urlparse python modules so we import … Continue reading

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Backup any Flickr Photostream with FlickrBird

I named it FlickrBird! It was a one night hack written in Python. I wrote it to Backup any Flickr Photostream. As of now It doesn’t require any non-builtin python modules to run this script except flickrapi for python (Get … Continue reading

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MacPorts to Homebrew : New Packaging system for Mac OS X

EDIT: This blog and blog post is moved to I just wanted to post a blog on Homebrew because, I started loving it already. Homebrew is the new modern package management system for Mac OS X wich beats MacPorts. … Continue reading

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2010: Wish You Happy New Year! (52000+ blog views)

I wish you all happy new year, have fun! WoW! My blog crossed 50,000 Views. Thanks to all of you! Here is my new year greetings to you! :)

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