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  1. Amit Ruparel says:


    I just downloaded linux and went through the installation guide and found some complications there…..
    I need some help on it dude

    Every thing except the partitioning thingy just seems to be fine,

    Can you please explain me what the hell do those options like ext ntfs fat etc etc mean ??

    I just dont get a even a bit of it.

    Waiting for your reply,

    Yahoo Messy ID : lvlasterlvlind.elbee

  2. abhinay says:

    Ext3, Fat32, NTFS are called file systems
    Windows uses Fat32 , NTFS file systems
    Whereas most Linux systems uses Ext3 File system as default

    Select Ext3 as file system type if you are going to install Linux

    You can post your queries & questions to , not here.


  3. Madhu Mohan says:

    hi Abhinay,
    I m using Ubuntu os, i dont know which version it is. I m not able to render telugu typing in my os, can you pls assist me.


  4. medhamsh says:

    hi abhi,
    i have installed telugu with inscript but not able to make it rts ready..
    i am unable to find out the language-pack-te.. my apt-get says couldnt find the package..
    repos are fine…..
    what exactly is the repo of language-pack-te?

  5. Anonymous says:


    I made a switch from Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux – Feisty Fawn about a month back, and I am very happy about the switch.

    I needed some Ubuntu stickers to paste on my laptop and desktop, and could not get any. The self-addressed envelope I had sent to Baishampayan Ghose (as listed on System76’s website) came back undelivered, with “addressee not found” message from the Postal Department.

    Do you have some. If you have some, how can I get a couple of them from you?


    kspv at sify dot com.

  6. kk says:

    i m unable to read telubu websites like in linux, how can i read telugu websites in linux..

  7. Abhinay says:

    You can install padma extension in firefox. before, that fallow the ‘How to render telugu font in Ubuntu/linux’ post from my blog

  8. mybosslinuxblog says:

    Nice blog Abhinay, I use BOSS Linux and am working on a Blog for BOSS Linux ( I find your Blog very informative and have added RSS feeds from it to my Unofficial BOSS Linux Blog. Hope you don’t mind it. :)


  9. manu says:

    i am a 3rd year btech student of amrita school of engineering.could you give me a detailed information about the events you are going to will be greatfull if you send the details at the earliest

  10. manu says:

    hi abhi
    can you tell me about the varios events you have been organizing for the ubuntu club

  11. reddi says:

    can u send a latest ubuntu dvd to me?

  12. Swarup says:

    Hey there,
    You’ve done really nice work on your blog– thanks for that.
    I have just purchased a unibody 17″ MBP 5.2, and set it up as a dual boot with OSX 10, and Ubuntu Jaunty. I do a lot of typing in Hindi using SCIM-m17n in gedit, and I use it with the aspell spellchecker for which I have added many words and so developed a large personal Hindi dictionary. I do my work together with another colleague, so we are connected all day via remote desktop.

    My question is this: I found that with the above setup in Jaunty, the MBP runs quite warm. Especially the area under where my left hand rests as I type. That makes it uncomfortable to use.

    So I would like to try setting up my work in OSX, because it seems that the computer runs cooler in OSX than it does in Jaunty. Do you have experience with, or could you guide me in the setup of, SCIM-m17n and aspell for use in OSX? Thank you !

  13. Swarup says:

    If you would, kindly forward your reply to me at my email as well– that way I’ll get it right away. Thanks!

  14. sumesh says:

    Hi, I followed the instructions that you had suggested to get raaga working on linux…i could not find /usr/lib/totem/gstreamer/
    so i guess it is ok as it is to remove the file. i am using fedora..and i am a newbie and don’t know what to do next

  15. Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

    I’m Out! :)

  16. Hassan says:

    Hey man very nice blog. Im trying to follow ur repair fix for hfs partition. I kinda confused though after typing fdisk -l into terminal. Im trying to repair an external drive thats in hfs format. What should i change or do when following ur tutorial. Thanks keep up the great work.

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