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Advice from an Old Programmer

I was inspired by the write up in the book called  ‘Learn Python The Hard Way’, I didn’t read the whole book but, this page caught up my attention. It’s inspiring for programmers, so thought I would share with you … Continue reading

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Downloading Youtube Videos using Python (One-liner)

If you just want to get or look into the code, here it is – gist: 398604 – GitHub Explanation: I’ll walk through the code to explain how it works. We need urllib and urlparse python modules so we import … Continue reading

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MacPorts to Homebrew : New Packaging system for Mac OS X

EDIT: This blog and blog post is moved to I just wanted to post a blog on Homebrew because, I started loving it already. Homebrew is the new modern package management system for Mac OS X wich beats MacPorts. … Continue reading

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2010: Wish You Happy New Year! (52000+ blog views)

I wish you all happy new year, have fun! WoW! My blog crossed 50,000 Views. Thanks to all of you! Here is my new year greetings to you! :)

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My Firefox now completely looks like Chrome browser

                  Yah, that’s my Firefox looking just like Google Chrome Browser! Running on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic. Simple – I used, Chromixfox, Total ReChrome to customize my Firefox to look like Chrome browser. … Continue reading

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Repair / Fix Mac HFS+ partition using Ubuntu CD

This post will tell you how to repair / fix Mac HFS+ partition using Ubuntu CD (Live CD or Install CD). What do you need to do this? Ubuntu CD (I used Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition Install/Live CD) Mac Internet … Continue reading

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Scrolling in Gmail is slow?

scrolling up-down in Gmail is so choppy and slow in Linux (Ubuntu?) with Firefox. Looks like this is because of excessive use of Javascript in Gmail. The only alternative that I know is changing the Gmail to Older Version, you … Continue reading

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